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A sunken living room brings bad luck and sickness to the house.Many may also want to keep a small frog amulet in their purse or wallet at all.The Cebuanos believe that the azucena flower brings misfortune and even death.

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Among the Ilocanos dreaming of the loss of a hat, broken earrings and clothes swept away by a river current will mean the death of a relative or close friend.Doors should always be on the right side of the house and the stairs should always turn to the right to keep a married couple loyal to each other for life.

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Use your right hand when paying money and the left hand when receiving money.

T13: Very Superstitious. Posted on. (or not) aside, superstitions supersede any belief system.Some are amusing others appear downright ridiculous if not exasperating.A mirror placed on the wall facing the main door of a house will deflect good luck that enters the house.

If, however, the aforementioned rung coincides with mata, it will bring bad luck.

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Our house is beside the dead end road, not facing the dead end road.The following are the common superstitions of India. Astrology.A person who has a mole on the center of his forehead means that he possesses an acute intellect and will be successful in business.

Neither should a new house overlap any portion of an old house.A baby with its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck like a noose will mean good luck.

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Avoid borrowing money on the first hour of the day, the first day of the week, the first week of the month, and the first month of the year.

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In the case of a woman it means loyalty when it comes to love.If a rosary is placed in the hand of the dead prior to burial, its string should be snapped because continuity in the beads will mean another death in the family.Breast-feeding mothers should drink a lot of milk to produce a good supply of milk.

If a person cannot look another in the eye, he is surely possessed by an evil spirit.A balete tree is considered to be haunted and must not be cut down when building a house or else the spirits will attack the construction workers as well as the owner of a house.If a woman looks pretty during pregnancy she will give birth to a girl, whereas if she looks ugly she will give birth to a boy.A woman who accidentally falls down hard will deliver a hare-lipped baby.Your wallet is the feng shui home for your money, choose the best colors for your good feng shui wallet plus the overall feng shui guidelines.In Cebu the century plant, a hardy ornamental vine, is also considered as a plant that attracts death in the family.

A mole on the leg is a sign of a lazy and irresponsible person.Leytenos bring out the coffin from the house through the window to make it easier for the newly departed to rest in peace.A mole on the right knee means that a person will have a happy marriage but will lack friends.If a pregnant woman eats eggplants her baby will have violet discolorations on its skin, while eating twin bananas will cause her to give birth to twins.Holding up to 24 cards, the Wonder Wallet is the best way to keep your wallet organized.

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This false sense of security is what enables superstition to affect human.

If you want to buy,. as the likelihood of your wallet being stolen is very very low.Blog at Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson.Whatever one does on New Year, whether constructive or counter-productive, will determine how he will fare for the rest of the year.

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Almost anywhere on the planet it is deemed good luck to spot a coin in your path and pick it up.Anyone who shares the food being eaten by a pregnant woman will suffer from spells of drowsiness, dizziness and vomiting.Old wives tales, superstitions and other sayings. If you give someone a wallet or.

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The kalachuchi, a Philippine ornamental plant, is believed to be a harbinger of death.While there are several superstitions regarding the wallet,.

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Superstition and Money: The Way We Think About Money. Giving an empty wallet can give the recipient bad.The foundation of a post should be bathed with the blood of a pig or white chicken to appease the spirits presiding on the land on which the house was erected.

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